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The Fish Shed Fruit and Vegetable section ranges from local seasonal fare to the more exotic vegetables to compliment all of your fish and meat dishes.

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries and Asparagus are all sourced locally and only sold during their season.

Fish pies are made in a creamy white parsley sauce topped with mashed potato  Salmon, white fish, Luxury (Cod, Salmon & Prawn) are available.

Homemade Fish Cakes

The Fish Shed makes their own fishcakes in house using the best fish and ingredients.

Cod, Salmon, Thai Salmon, Tuna & Mustard and Crab & Ginger.

Fish Shed pates, Smoked Mackerel, Smoked Salmon, Prawn and Garlic, Lobster, Smoked Eel, Crab and Potted Shrimps.



Homemade Jams & Marmalade

Homemade fruit jams, Jane's marmalade and Seville Marmalade made in winter months mainly.




Local fresh bread is delivered daily and includes a selection of  loaves, speciality breads and rolls.

Our game and meat is seasonal and is from local butchers. Game includes duck, hare, rabbit, partridge, venison, game mix, quail, pigeon and pheasant.


Other meats include fresh ham, sirloin steak, beef burgers, pork and apple burgers, sausages, venison sausages, smoked bacon, dry cured bacon, chicken breast and duck breast, plus your BBQ essentials.

Fish Shed meat pies have no artificial flavours or colourings and are made only with prime local meat and a delicious homemade pastry crust. Steak and kidney steamed puddings are also available.

All products are made by our staff using the best ingredients from the shop.